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We Focus on One Thing: Working with you to build and grow your business sales and marketing engine..

We help you get results

The secret to getting the sales results you need lies in how well you understand the people your business was built to help. We help you with that, using a rich pool of resources available online and building on information which may be buried in your business activities.

We go further with you, by helping you to communicate and connect with prospects and existing customers as they go through their day, making sure they can easily and quickly find you whenever and wherever you are needed.

How Do We Work?

Put Growth Driven Design Thinking to Work in Your Business with our professional services:


Business Assessment

We learn very quickly about your aspirations, goals and plans for your sales performance and provide you with a baseline report showing where you are now relative to your performance goals.



We work with you to set your sales performance goals and define KPI’s for the contribution that online or e-commerce sales will make to your performance goals. This collaborative effort will include complementary workshops and training for your team to help you build an effective inbound sales team to implement your strategy.



We understand that great entrepreneurs have gut ideas or educated hunches about designing products that help people, and how people will react to their products once they see them. We help you build websites and social connections with people and provide reports to help improve both your product and your understanding of the people you help. 


Evolve & Grow

As you learn how to continously delight your customers and add value to the marketplace, your new sales engine runs along, bringing you business 24 hours a day. You learn from all your connections with your customers and we fine-tune your sales engine to bring you better sales and the customer loyalty you need to build a community of raging fans.

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We needed to sell our 2 and 4 beds in 30 days. Gracefield delivered
MD at Romay Sales Nigeria Limited
Gracefield got me an offer on my property in 3 weeks.
Property Owner
Bayview Estates Lekki
My property had been on the market for over 3 years and we were not getting any offers near what we wanted. Gracefield got it sold in less than 60 days.
Property Owner
Romay Gardens, Iekki
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