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Peter Coker - Founder

Nerdy Marketing Philosopher

Hi, my name is Peter. I founded Gracefield Business Partners with a simple idea: to put my years of experience in Marketing, Business Development, and Real Estate to work in an agency that makes a difference for businesses like yours.

Everyday people get extraordinary results. It's simply a question of who you have on your team - Peter
Results Driven Marketing

We Believe That Marketing Should be About Results and That is What Drives Us

Some Digital Marketers want to define their results in the number of words they write, the number of pictures or videos they post, or the number of followers and likes they get on social media. We define our results by how well you perform against your sales and marketing goals. we track your sales numbers, lifetime customer value, and marketing ROI.

We do not work in a silo; rather we connect the dots between strategy, operations, sales, and marketing to deliver sustainable results for you. In essence, while some are all about the ‘digital’, we define our results by the ‘marketing’.

We Work on All Aspects

From strategy workshops to website design, and digital assets to reputation management, we work on all fronts to help you build a robust sales and marketing engine that delivers results on your terms. Our clients love our sales engagement training which helps their sales teams grow into sales champions, whether as a team of 1 or 1000.

Working with our team of experts is like working with cheerleaders and financial stakeholders who take the time to truly understand your business and the results you are focused on delivering rather than trying to sell you the latest fancy technology or fad in the digital world. We speak sales and marketing, not IT jargon.

In the end, we understand that your customers and stakeholders demand results, and so do you.

Tell us about your project and let’s work with you to accomplish your goals.

You will be glad you did.

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